The Backstory

Love and Death

I got involved in some other issues today I needed to sort out so only got outside when Shadow wanted out for about 5 minutes. I have not even checked on the front Nestwatch (finch) nor the Dove on Nestwatch #2

But I did see the remains of a dove in the backyard which could have been from the hawk or maybe even a neighbor killed it. Have had them poisoned by neighbors before.  And thus maybe we have a tragic dove event going on where one has lost its mate and then seemingly two other suitors muscle in. Anyway the pics below show a couple in courtship then an angry arrival of another who chased away the first. I do empathize with these dead dove events and try to understand their behavior after such events. This could be showing the half of the couple whose other half died and these are two courting doves looking for a mate probably in understandable great distress.


This is about 10 ft from the corpse of the dead dove in the back garden below. The new bird on left tries to get attention of the bird on right


In flies an interloper either the original mate or the estranged dove , or a newcomer. Either way he wanted the dove on the left to but out.
And he went for him till he flew off. Hard to know what exactly the circumstances are. I will go check nests  later or tomorrow and see what I can find.

I also got to see a cool goldfinch couple.

The fiddlenecks are popular for these and other birds so I let it grow wherever it wants 😉
posing for the camera. Mr Lesser Goidfinch

Site News

So, the idea behind this site is to get my pics out there as I am not using social media much.  Right now this is costing me about 12 bucks for a full year 😉  To stay within their space usage limits I reduce the resolution of all uploaded photos.  WP tend to nickel and dime you with addon features and I am trying to circumvent all but the most necessary. Right now I am using a few like and tweet buttons all on trial basis, which are not working that well, and will  soon research a better solution.



Quizzes and Fun Stuff

I also added a link to a simple Nature Quiz embedded here  ( see also  blogroll in side bar) . Will work on that stuff later but for now first fun link 😉

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And that’s the way it is. ….  (said Mr Kronkite 😉

The Plot Thickens

So, as I had not yet got a good photo of whomever was sitting on those eggs, I tried again this morning. Luckily mom? was on the nest. It is very bright here early morning , and my eyesight is failing,so I had to wait till I went indoors to see what the photos showed. I had a distance shot of a bird leaving the nest area ( again was not sure if he was ON the nest. )

Not long after this , the bird flew off the nest. A long distant shot I took showed it was a Finch


Close inspection indoors of the long distance shot  showed this to be a Finch, the flashes of red was the confusion.

Also the nest location was not a typical pyrrhuloxia setting.

The location of the nest is also not typical for a Pyrrhuloxia who tend to nest close to buildings in tall trees

So now I am not sure of the events. Maybe this was a Finch Nest from the start, seemingly reusing ?perhaps an old Hummingbird Nest , tho now it does look too big ( based on the comparison photos. )


Reverse View Nest Location

Other scenarios I have include the eggs were abandoned as I did see them in the bare nest first. i had assumed a bird would know and would prepare a nest for the egg laying that would be occurring. Lot of reading to do. 😉


2017 Nestwatch #1 Case Solved ( I think 😉 We shall see what hatches 😉



So here is a House Finch Nest.. identical egg size and shape.

From Wild Birds Unlimited post


Hummingbirds and Friends update.

So in prior post I show a nest I located. I researched size , shape etc and concluded it was a hummingbird nest. It had 3 unhatched eggs in view.

I did not see a parent. I also saw some other debris around the lip of the nest which ominously looked parent hummingbird shaped. So I then assumed something killed/ate the hummingbird ( a favorite of Roadrunners).  So then I was getting mail today and something flew out of the nest. finch sized maybe, brown, could even have been a pyrrhuloxia.. Now if that is true that would be truly amazing!!

In fact earlier i posted about seeing both Pyrrhuloxia birds around and speculated their could be a nest nearby.. duh. not connecting the two events.

So I need to go monitor the nest this evening maybe , and see if I can id what is visiting the nest. All scenarios are possible , it could even be a live hummingbird I guess. So this is quite exciting. … More later



This story gets more fun as time goes on.

Clue #1   Pyrrhuloxia sits atop the area where nest is.  Yesterday
On  lip of nest I saw this brown something. not sure what it is. Maybe a food source for the young?


Now I am really thinking we had another Pyrrhuloxia Nest going on. Exciting if true.  The nest being used tho is very very hummingbird cup shaped so I guess they are re-using it. Also I wonder if all those lookouts on Tiger the big cactus and then hanging around the trees next to nest was an indication all the birds were assisting the pyrrhuloxia nest .. Nestwatch 2017 #1 is back on!!

Comparison Pics

Hummingbird Nest
My Nest
Size Comparison .. Hummingbird Nest

Sunday Morning : Bumper Crop .. new Nestwatch 2 location and more.

Shadow ventures outside.
Black Throated Sparrow. Now two of them are residents it seems
Lesser Goldfinch
Bugs came by
He came right up to my feet . Rare
His mom had taken off into the bushes but he stayed out for a while
Unusual to see these guys down on the ground
The iridescent Phainopepla
They love the mistletoe berries
Back yard session.. always shaded so hard to get vivid shots
Wearing his Sunday best.  Also there are two now who I class as residents . yay!
Junior up close
Find it hard to get things in full focus these days
Lots of birds  species now hang out here. one at a time 😉
Pyrrhuloxia muscles in on Verdin territory
Early Morning Balloon.. every Sunday they gives rides
Pyrrhuloxia bravely in the yard. This suggest to me there is a nest nearby as I see a pair of them
Interesting shape of a Phainopepla right after take off.
3/4 birds in this shot. possibly the location of Pyrrhuloxia nest. need to check
Also Mr Gila is back in town.
This is the equivalent of Whole Foods for him. He stores stuff here in winter
Curve Billed Thrasher , likely from thrasher mountain (cholla in my yard)
I did see a more complete nest when i walked around last week. so he has been busy
One half of a pair of Black Throated Sparrows also seemingly resident
Nature’s Art
Completely  relaxed with each others company are  these two species.
Mom sees me and stops , but doesn’t run off
Courting couples. and I mean actively courting all morning 😉
Hummingbird. Also on a sad note the nest I found with eggs . looks like the parent was killed by something.. possibly roadrunner and they tend to eat them..
Getting ready to go out on a date.
Mr finch with a gleaming red coat. Possibly a parent


Berry popular location
The local food court
Mr Pyrrhuloxia takes over Verdin’s  spot
Black Throated Sparrow
Nature’s Art
2017 NESTWATCH #2  Dove nest .. in new location .. oleander tree. Right next to where Avril and Lavigne were born on AC unit last year.  coincidence? 🙂 I think not 😉
2017 Nestwatch #2
Yesterday :  Sunrise through the big Palo Verde tree
Pyrrhuloxia sitting attop the cholla that has the abandoned hummingbird nest . just out of view
8/10 colors..  2/10 focus 😉
Gila Woodpecker ~ tho seems to have big bill. so maybe thats his name 😉
Big Bill investigates.. pbs 9pm sunday
closeness 7/10  focus 3/10
Lot of tree dwellers out . seemingly chatting
Bugs Junior
This is Buster .. last name might be Bloodvessel.  Not very clear but thought I would add it to the post