Updates and the road forward

So I am in the process of rebuilding this blog with my images and stories from the past few years, including my facebook and other sites content. The look and feel of this blog is simplicity. So not a lot of words. Simple layouts that can be viewed online or on tablets, with an emphasis on the images. I have a lot more to do, plus new stories I will add in line.

I am somewhat sick and this last weekend took no images. Hopefully as week progresses I will add some new stories. Today I sat out back for a short while and saw two sets of dove ‘couples’ almost mimicking each other in their mating rituals. Watching the male try to attract the female. Then flying off to see if the female follows., sometimes yes. sometimes no. The official start of spring at my home is when the front door nest becomes occupied. I think this will be very soon. More later 😉

I tend to freak out if I open the blog to comments but I may at some point add in membership for close birder friends, so there is some plan to do that in the near future.

Below are some images of a cool visit from a group of Ravens who fly over and circled a large area around my home, and seemed to be having so much fun. Watching them really highlights how smart they are.

Flashback: Common Ravens Visit
Bernie’s Eyes (Common Ravens)