Hummingbirds and Friends Update.

So in prior post I show a nest I located. I researched size , shape etc and concluded it was a hummingbird nest. It had 3 unhatched eggs in view.

I did not see a parent. I also saw some other debris around the lip of the nest which ominously looked parent hummingbird shaped. So I then assumed something killed/ate the hummingbird ( a favorite of Roadrunners).  So then I was getting mail today and something flew out of the nest. finch sized maybe, brown, could even have been a pyrrhuloxia.. Now if that is true that would be truly amazing!!

In fact earlier i posted about seeing both Pyrrhuloxia birds around and speculated their could be a nest nearby.. duh. not connecting the two events.

So I need to go monitor the nest this evening maybe , and see if I can id what is visiting the nest. All scenarios are possible , it could even be a live hummingbird I guess. So this is quite exciting. … More later



This story gets more fun as time goes on.

Clue #1   Pyrrhuloxia sits atop the area where nest is.  Yesterday
On  lip of nest I saw this brown something. not sure what it is. Maybe a food source for the young?


Now I am really thinking we had another Pyrrhuloxia Nest going on. Exciting if true.  The nest being used tho is very very hummingbird cup shaped so I guess they are re-using it. Also I wonder if all those lookouts on Tiger the big cactus and then hanging around the trees next to nest was an indication all the birds were assisting the pyrrhuloxia nest .. Nestwatch 2017 #1 is back on!!

Comparison Pics

Hummingbird Nest
My Nest
Size Comparison .. Hummingbird Nest

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  1. Neat shots of the nest. It cool seeing the size comparison. The hummer nest is tiny. Have a happy day!

    1. Thanks Eileen. This morning the plot thickened. I had not yet got a good view of who was visiting the nest.
      This morning I did. and it is a House Finch, probably the one that sat atop the cacus a few times. The red in its coloring made me think it was a Pyrrhuloxia but the nest is the wrong location for them. So now I have to research things even more. it could be one of 3 different birds, and could be an abandoned nest that other birds are trying to aid , tho I don’t think they do that but need to check. Those size comparisons told me that my nest is on the large side for a hummingbird. Anyway, its all fun learning and watching.

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