Quail Check

I was wary of how many Quail I may have lost . I did not get out there till late today as I am busy on travel plans. But when I did get out there, I saw at least 8 of the QT9 family ( I call them quail tango x to denote which group it is and shorten it to QTx 😉  .. So that was great news. either they lost one or I probably just missed it.

The other cool event was a brand new family.. I have never seem such tiny quail young. Based on quick guesstimate . they were the same size as my thumb.. and there was about 6 of them . Very cute. I tried to get some photos but none were worth  posting.

As I was only out there a short time. I did not see the QT3 family nor the QT2 family, but likely they are around somewhere.

Here is a movie of the QT9 family.. https://www.flickr.com/gp/azstu/ef3L20